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We are providing advice and procedures from when churches were allowed to reopen from July 4, 2020 to the present time

Documents provided by the Methodist Church, Government and other bodies are provided under tabs from this one, which will concentrate of providing our own explanations, pathways and templates.

The occurrence and stability of Covid-19 in buildings is described in the Risk Reduction file.
The 'Steps to take' file is designed to help you work through how you might open the church for worship and think about the risk assessment. Please do give comments to help us refine this.

Coronavirus restrictions and guidance are available HERE.

We have provided some guidance on safe use of churches allowing from covid-19 variants of our YouTube Channel 'Stewarding precious Earth' as a VIDEO.

Other very helpful videos are from the University of Oxford (3 minutes),

and from the NHS:

The importance of ventilation and fresh air is an additional emphasis — from government.

We will adopt what we assess to be be best practice, 'erring' on the side of being careful to those in our communities.

Updated April 21, 2021.

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