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1. Background

The Winchester, Eastleigh and Romsey (WER) Circuit was formed in two stages: by the union of the Winchester and Eastleigh Circuits in September 2012, and then by the incorporation of the Romsey Circuit in September 2016. At that point the responsibility for the organisation of continuing professional development (CPD) became that of the newly-formed Meeting of the Local Preachers and Worship Leaders (LPWL) of the WER Circuit. The Circuit Meeting of the Winchester, Eastleigh and Romsey Circuit agreed on December 4, 2018 to declare its intention to become an Eco Circuit. In 2019, the Circuit is responding to the call from the Connexion and will develop a new strategic plan, which will include the aspiration to be an Eco Circuit.

2. Continuing Professional Development

The LPWL meeting of the Circuit presently engages in CPD in the following ways, but this is currently under review.:
a) to include a discussion within the meeting on "The Work of God";
b) to participate in relevant local, District and national events and
c) to organise appropriate Circuit training events.
In addition, the Eco Circuit coordinator will, on occasion, attend the Ministers' Staff Meeting to lead discussion on Eco Church topics, particularly Worship and Teaching.
2.1 Discussions of the Work of God
Eco circuit was the discussed at the meeting held on March 7, 2019. There was a strong request that the Circuit also mediates self-development by the provision of on-line resources.
2.2 Participation in events
In the lifetime of the Circuit a series of events have taken place at local churches and also nationally.
2.3 Circuit training events
A training event is planned for 19 October 2019 at Romsey Methodist Church to be led by Prof Meric Srokosz. In addition to holding a Chair of Oceanography Professor Srokosz has authored the book: "Blue Planet, Blue God: The Bible and the Sea" (SCM Press, 2017) with Rebecca Watson. He was formerly Associate Director of the Faraday Institute of Science and Religion and is currently a committee member of Christians in Science.

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