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James Jenkins
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The Beginning of my Journey as a 3Generate Youth Rep...
by James Jenkins

Many of you will know at Chandlers Ford, I was recently elected as a 3Generate Youth Rep for Ecumenical purposes. As part of this role, I attended a weekend at Cliff College in Derbyshire to meet the other reps and make plans for the year ahead. There were about twelve of us in total, including two other Conference Reps, BYC (British Youth Council) Reps, Methodist Council Reps, an Ecumenical Rep (me), a Social Justice Rep and a World Rep, plus this year's Youth President, Jasmine and the 'grown-up' in charge of us all, Meg.
I really didn't know what to expect from the weekend as I didn't know any of the other people there. After a long journey involving cancelled trains I finally reached Cliff College late on the Friday night, the last one to arrive. It was a great relief and I soon settled in and enjoyed meeting lots of new people.

The main business of the weekend began on Saturday morning with Meg's explanation of Methodism. She used a fascinating array of game pieces and toys to represent district chairs, churches, members etc. Once everyone was educated about how the church works, we began writing resolutions for Conference based on the 3Generate Manifesto. This caused much debate, and it was challenging to come up with specific, manageable requests that would work across the whole connexion. Eventually we created two resolutions and I am really excited to see what the outcome is from conference in July.
On the Saturday afternoon we had to undertake an essential & invaluable session, which was safeguarding training and relating it to the young people who we would be working alongside as Reps. As a reward we were treated to the most amazing cake from a local cake shop. It really made our day.
The next morning, we turned our attention to the next year's 3Generate (already!) and held a long discussion about the shape of our roles and election processes in the future for the event. It was useful to gather opinions of those who had experience of being a Rep in the past at 3Generate, and those, like myself, that had seen the Reps in their roles from a different viewpoint.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and I look forward to the year ahead in my role representing the young people of the Methodist Church.
One part of my role is to attend all sorts of different youth events in the different denominations, travelling around the country visiting many denominations. I've already been to URC Youth Synod and am heading to the Quakers at Easter time.
I would like to meet as many young Methodists as possible, especially those that were not able to attend 3Generate. Reps will have a monthly article in the Methodist Recorder; my first article will be in the June edition.
If you're feeling tech savvy and want to find out more about what the Reps get up to feel free to follow us on twitter, @3GenReps, and if you know any young Methodists that may consider becoming a Rep, or want to contact me to share their views, please don't hesitate to speak to me.
I am aware that many people don't know that 3 generate exists and that it can help to change the future within the Methodist church. It will help people get their voices heard.

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