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The COVID-19 — October 16 file is a printable version of the guidance for places of worship from Government dated October 16 on the opening and use of places of worship, together with a check-list of the same date. The FAQs file (September 22) provides broader advice and the Face Coverings file gives guidance on a specific FAQ. There are 4 other files on social distancing, the performing arts, sport and recreation and community use of church buildings current at the date below.

There is an action card to help places of worship deal with Test and Trace on the spot.

The areas and description of the three tiers of local alerts are also provided. Currently all the Circuit is under Tier 1, medium risk, which is further described. Travellers from other parts of the country may have additional restrictions.

The summary document of the new national regulations (November 5 — December 2) have been included in a printable form.

The Government's Winter Plan (Published November 23) is included and will take effect from December 3. Places of worship are allowed to open then, with interactions limited to groups of 6 when in Tier 1. In areas within Tiers 2 and 3, no interaction is allowed between household or support bubbles.

Updated November 23.

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