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Eco Circuit has been developed between The Methodist Church in the UK and A Rocha UK; A Rocha are behind the parent "Eco" church scheme Eco Church.

The main criteria are for a Circuit to have:

  • Agreed an environmental policy
  • Gained the appropriate levels of local church registrations and Awards for Eco Church
    Circuits of 11 to 100 churches:
    Bronze Eco Circuit: at least 10% of local churches awarded
    Silver Eco Circuit: at least 20% of local churches awarded
    Gold Eco Circuit: at least 40% of local churches awarded
  • Achieved the EC Bronze/Silver/Gold level
    In the Buildings category for its Circuit offices (where appropriate) and Land (where appropriate)
  • Embedded environmental issues
    Have sought to ensure that environmental issues are embedded within the curricula of ongoing presbyterial and local preacher education and support
  • Established the habit of recording and celebrating individual environmental initiatives
  • Managed circuit investments ethically
    With due consideration to the environmental implications / opportunities of such investments, taking into account the climate change investment policy of the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church and the resources available within the Ethical Money Churches project.

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