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Energy use by churches

Churches should assess offsetting the carbon emissions of their energy consumption, by using, for example:

This carbon footprint calculator is designed for home use and thus provides a tool for individuals and families to assess the effects of theory lifestyles.

The house icon provides a conversion tool from all fossil fuel energy sources into carbon emissions. Churches should consider their response by assessing alternative energy sources and suppliers, offsetting their carbon emissions and taking steps to reduce them. For example, by changing to a green electricity tariff the %renewables change from 0 to 100% has a marked effect on carbon emissions

Churches are encouraged to follow the Eco Church surveys, including their energy profile through the Buildings topic. Churches should exclude manses from their surveys.

Churches may consider having an assessment to gain an Energy Performance Certificate which will provide an recommendations for improved efficiency.

Churches are encouraged to consider travel-sharing schemes as suggested by the Community and Global Engagement topic.

Energy performance of manses

The responsibility of the energy profile of the manses is shared by the Circuit rather than churches. The Circuit should provide manses with an energy performance rating of "C" or above. An Energy Performance assessment should be carried out at a mutually convenient time, and might be linked with a quinquennial review or between occupancies. The advice accompanying the review will inform a future course of action.

Energy performance Circuit offices

The office space of the Circuit resides within one church (CFMC). The Circuit should assess the carbon offsetting responsibility of their office in line with the method recommended for the church, and provide opinion to that Church's policy.

Carbon profile of travel

The policy of locating Circuit meetings near its geographical centre to reduce travel distances will be maintained. The Circuit and Churches should consider ways to reduce the carbon emissions related to transport for church-related activities, promoting public transport where possible and easing organisation for car-sharing.

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