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The documents here were the advice from the Methodist Connexion updated and issued by August 3:
Re-opening of churches advice;
Cleaning of churches;
Live streaming in churches;
Early years education in churches;
Work and other educational settings
Shops in churches;
Cafes in churches;
Property repairs and projects;
Test and trace data;
Church meetings, small gathering, house groups
Open air worship;
Pastoral visits;
The use of face coverings;
Connexional risk assessment template;

The updates on September 22 cover:
Using your worship space;
Community use;
Children, youth, IG, toddlers;
Food and Drink.

Update of September 24:
Test, trace and QR codes.

Update of September 29:
Face coverings;
Meetings, small gathering, house groups
Open air worship;
Pastoral visits;

Connexional Risk Assessment template — October 8

Update of January 5, 2021
The advice of the Methodist Property WEBSITE provides a table giving the regulations relating to the use of Church activities. This includes the inspections and maintenance of church buildings when not in use.

Update of January 15, 2021
Further advice favours reduction of singing in worship to one person, and avoidance of the use of blown instruments.

Updated January 15, 2021

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